History of Triple E

Triple E was founded in 2010 by Naomi Tomlinson after she spent a year working with abused girls in Mindanao. Wanting to particularly help those still on the streets she went back to England to fundraise and build up a network of support before returning to the Philippines. Roy Moore, meanwhile was back in the Philippines after twice having volunteered ina children's home. Beginning his Master's degree in Political Science at UP Diliman, Roy also began football teams in Payatas and Kasiglahan, Montalban with the help of Craig Burrows MBE due to the rise of football in the Philippines. Thus Payatas FC and Mango FC were born in February 2011. Roy and Naomi later got in contact and decided to pool resources, expertise and experience in order to work together towards the same vision of helping the street children of Manila and marginalised communities. As a result of this the Fairplay For All (FFA) Foundation was created and Triple E became primarily the funding agent of Fairplay For All

Naomi Tomlinson

Roy Moore